Everything Under the Sun for a Gun

International Shooting Supplies Ltd. is your first choice for all of your hunting and shooting needs. We have a wide array of hunting supplies, rifles, shotguns, handguns, tactical equipment, ammunition, reloading and hunting/shooting accessories. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Surrey, BC. You can also reach us by phone, fax or email. Our friendly and skilled customer service and sales staff are always ready to assist you and help you make sound decisions to support your hunting and shooting needs.

Brief History

In 2009, we opened a full line hunting and shooting shop right in the midst of downtown Surrey, BC in an attempt to capture hunting and shooting enthusiasts in the area. Through dedication and hard work, we have experienced tremendous growth in a very short time, and today, International Shooting Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of hunting and shooting equipment in not only in Surrey, BC.  but across the country and around the globe.


Our doors first opened to the hunting public of Surrey, BC in May of 2009. Satisfied customers kept coming back and the business has been growing ever since.  Within a few months, International Shooting Supplies Ltd. became the “place to go to” in Surrey for the hunting and shooting community. Now we do business across the country and around the globe on a daily basis.

With the owner’s  years of expertise in small and big game hunting  in a variety of venues complimented by a team of knowledgeable support staff, International Shooting Supplies Ltd expanded its service offerings further and progressed into a full service hunting, shooting, and tactical supplies store. In our commitment to continuously innovate our service offerings, we have further diversified by offering travel bookings for hunting and safari trips in Africa. Additionally, we have added a full line of gunsmithing services as well as full custom rifle builds. We also offer import and export services for hunters and competitive shooters who are moving to Canada , going abroad or who require something that is “hard to get” brought into the country in a safe and legal manner.

Here at International Shooting Supplies Ltd. our motto is “Everything under the sun for a gun”. If we don’t have it we know where to find it and how to get it. So give us a call – I’m positive you’ll be pleased with our prompt and courteous service.

Scott Carpenter, Owner/Manager

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