Aguila® Interceptor 22 LR 40Gr CPHP 1470FPS 50 Round Box


Maximum Impact.  Ultimate Performance. This ultra-premium high-velocity round travels at a breakneck speed of 1,470 feet per second. With its hollow point, it’s an excellent choice for hunting small game.



Bullet Type Lead Solid Point
Bullet Weight (g) 2.59


Velocity (FPS):

Muzzle 100 Yards
1470 1130

Energy (ft-lb):

Muzzle 100 Yards
192 113

Additional Information:

Named for the process of packing the priming compound into the rim of the cartridge, rimfire rounds are limited to lower pressures and lighter weights — making them an inexpensive and easily accessible round. Manufactured using Aguila® Prime technology, which is engineered and tested to Olympic shooting standards, Aguila’s rimfire cartridges are meticulously formed for performance and perfection. Clean combustible powders, maximum output at controlled pressures, and a strict quality assurance program all add up to give shooters the Aguila® Advantage.

These high velocity rounds are perfect for target shooting or plinking and provide tight groupings. The copper-plated bullet provides excellent accuracy, consistent performance, and smooth cycling.

Catalog Item Number 1B220321


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22 LR



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