Alfa Proj. Moonclips 6 Shot for 9mm Revolvers 10 Pack


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Moonclips are one of the newest innovations in revolver technology.  Primarily designed to hold either rimmed or rimless ammunition, these clips load into revolvers with the ammunition, allowing for reloads that are even faster than speedloaders.  They also provide a surface to headspace rimless cartridges, allowing revolvers to be chambered in more popular modern cartridges such as 9mm Luger or 45 Auto.  That same surface also allows the contents of the entire cylinder to be extracted with one push of the extractor.  Lastly, moonclips cost a fraction of what a magazine would cost for a semi-auto pistol.  Holds 6, 9 mm rounds for fast and efficient loading and extraction.

Note: These moonclips were manufactured for the 6 shot 9mm cylinders of Alfa Proj. revolvers.  They may not work on other revolvers.


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