Barnaul 308Win (7.62×51) 145Gr FMJ Steel Cased 20 Round Box


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Developed in the 1950’s, by Winchester as the .308 and NATO as the 7.62×51, as a standard for small arms, the original intention was to replace the .30-06 cartridge which was difficult for usage in semi-automatic rifles.

Today, .308 (7.62×51) is used by long range shooters worldwide in semi-auto rifles, bolt actions and belt-fed machine guns.

The .308 (7.62×51) offers excellent range performance along with superior terminal ballistics over calibers of similar dimensions.


Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.383
Muzzle Veocity (FPS) 2756
Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs) 2448
Max Powder Pressure Bar (lb/inch2) 52939
Cartridge Max Length (in) 2.8
Cartridge Average Weight (Gr) 338



308 Winchester



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