Barnes® Pioneer™ 30-30 Win 190Gr OFN 20 Round Box


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Bring your lever gun out of retirement—it’s time to experience the superior on-game performance of Barnes Pioneer ammunition. Designed specifically for lever guns and revolvers, this ammo is carefully loaded for terminal performance and delivers massive expansion and weight retention for deeper penetration. Each round is engineered for flawless feeding and cycling from tubular magazine to chamber for lightning-fast follow-up shots.



Bullet Style Original (Jacketed Lead-Core) Flat Nose
Cartridge Case Brass
Case Headstamp (Star)(Line)(Star) 30-30 WIN

Ballistics (18″; 24″ Test Barrels):

Velocity (fps):

1920; 2040

Additional Information:

Barnes Pioneer is the ultimate all-copper lever gun and revolver ammunition, delivering
lightning-fast follow-ups and superior on-game performance you can trust.

Whether you choose all-copper Barnes TSX,® or our heavy for caliber jacketed lead-core Barnes Original bullet, Barnes Pioneer™ is powerful medicine for big game, perfected for lever guns and revolvers. Delivering the massive expansion, penetration, and weight retention that built the Barnes reputation

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30-30 Winchester



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