Barnes Tac-XPD 40S&W 140Gr Tac-XPD 20 Round Box


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The Optimized Solution for Personal and Home Defense. Loaded with the venerable Barnes TAC-XP bullets, TAC-XPD ammunition is engineered and designed to deliver top performance when it is most critical: in life-threatening situations The TAC-XP’s all-copper construction and very large, deep hollow-point cavity expand, penetrate and perform more consistently than any personal defense product on the market.

Test Barrel Length: 4″
Ballistic Coefficient: .128
Velocity (muzzle/25/50): 1120/1066/1018 fps
Energy (muzzle/25/50): 394/353/323 ft-lbs
Trajectory (25/50): 0.0/-1.0 in


40 S&W



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