Barnes® TSX® 7mm .284″ 175Gr TSXFB 50 Count Box


These all-copper bullets have unmatched accuracy, reduced barrel fouling, and increased velocity – making them deadliest, most dependable hunting bullet you can buy.


  • All-copper construction
  • Sleek profile and precision heel radius in FB and BT designs
  • Accu-Groove technology for decreased fouling and top accuracy
  • Devastating terminal performance


Bullet Type (Monolithic Copper) Triple Shock X Flat Base (Hollow Point)
Bullet Profile Spitzer
Bullet Base Flat Base
Cannelure/Band 5 Bands
Sectional Density 0.310
Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.417
Lead Free Yes

Additional Information:

What is the TSX Bullet and what does it do?

Barnes’ TSX Bullet offers all the deadly effectiveness of the time-proven X Bullet. Features include all-copper construction, no fragmentation, rapid expansion, 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets, and maximum weight retention. The TSX has proven to be one of the most accurate hunting bullets available–a fact countless shooters have confirmed. An exclusive feature of the TSX Bullet is multiple, precisely engineered rings cut into the bullet shank. These grooved rings act as relief valves as bullet metal flows under pressure while traveling down the bore. Instead of flowing from the front to the base of the bullet, the copper material expands into the grooves. This results in reduced pressures and less copper fouling. Reduced pressures mean the bullet can be safely loaded to higher velocities. The rings also alter barrel harmonics, greatly improving accuracy.

Do I seat TSX Bullets 0.030 inch to 0.070 inch from the lands, starting at 0.050 inch off the lands, as recommended with other X-Style bullets?

Yes. All-copper TSX Bullets typically give better accuracy when seated off the lands and grooves (the rifling in the barrel).

Can I expect copper fouling when using TSX Bullets?

Because of multiple grooves machined into the shanks of TSX bullets, less bullet area comes in contact with the bore. This reduces pressures and virtually eliminates copper fouling.

Catalog Number 30294
Old Part Number 28448


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