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The LUPO is Benelli’s first bolt-action rifle. Sub-MOA accuracy, advanced ergonomics, and shooting comfort have been carefully engineered into this chassis-style hunting rifle that allows for exclusive fit and customization out of the box. Lupo is Italian for wolf and the Benelli LUPO is destined to dominate the land the way Benelli’s Super Black Eagle dominates the skies.

The LUPO is packed with innovative features—including 7 exclusive Benelli patents that add up to hunting rifle that provides a customized fit, handles beautifully and proudly carries a 3-shot sub-MOA guarantee.


    • Precision Accuracy from Free Floating Crio® Barrel
      • The LUPO was built for accuracy and the key is the Lupo barrel system featuring a precision Crio-treated, free-floating barrel attached to a hardened steel barrel extension bedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver. The result is precision sub-MOA accuracy…shot-after-shot.
    • Recoil Reduction
      • The LUPO tames recoil felt of big-game calibers with a patented, built-in Progressive Comfort system and Combtech cheek pad. Modified from Benelli’s proven Progressive Comfort system used on shotguns, the system is engineered with sets of interlacing fingers that flex, absorbing much of the recoil before it reaches the shoulder. Decreased recoil, less muzzle flip and less anticipated recoil by the shooter result in a greater ability to stay accurately on target.
    • Built For Comfort
      • The shape of the Benelli LUPO has been optimized for control. The trigger is crisp and with an adjustable trigger pull weight. Included trigger reach spaces can be used between the receiver and the stock to position the shooters hand at an optimal distance from the tigger. The ambidextrous top safety is easy to access. The Airtouch Grip surfaces allow for a safe and firm hold on the rifle.
    • Advanced Ergonomics and Adjustablity
      • One of the truly unique features of the LUPO is the ability to adjust drop, cast and trigger reach with included shims. Shooters can achieve a customized fit out of the box without the need for expensive gunsmithing. Shims allow the stock to be set in one of 36 different positions. Great fit equals better control…and increased accuracy.
    • Detachable Box-Type Magazine
      • The detachable box magazine is a double-stack configuration with a partial divider that loads like a single stack. Cartridges can be easily loaded with the magazine removed, or smoothly top loaded with the magazine in place, holding 5 rounds without heavy spring pressure. The LUPO cutaway bolt works with the magazine, allowing the magazine to insert fully into the receiver without protruding from the bottom of the gun.
    • Sculpted Bolt
      • 3 large-sized locking lugs, 60 degree bolt throw
    • Adjustable Trigger
      • 2.2 – 4.4 lbs
    • Threaded Crio® Barrel
      • 5/8 x 24 thread to accept muzzle accessories
    • Integrated Swivel Mounts
    • 2-Piece Picatinny Rail


Action Bolt Hand Dominance Right Handed
Stock Configuration Progressive Comfort Size Standard
Length of Pull (in; mm) 13.8 – 14.75; 350 – 385 Stock Finish Black Synthetic
Grip Standard Receiver Finish Matte, Blued
Magazine Double Stack Detachable Magazine Capacity 5
Trigger Pull (lbs; N) 2.2 – 4.4; 9.99 – 20 Bolt 3 Lug, Fluted
Bolt Finish B.E.S.T Drilled and Tapped Yes
Barrel Length (cm) 56 Twist Rate (in) 1 in 9
Barrel Finish Matte, Blued Thread 5/8 x 24
Overall Length (in; mm) 44.225; 1082 Average Weight (lbs; g) 6.9; 3180

Additional Information:

Crio® System

Cryogenically treating a barrel relieves stresses caused by hammer forging, creating a smoother and more uniform surface. Benelli Crio® barrels stay cleaner longer.

Why Freeze Barrels?
The Crio® System combines a barrel frozen to -300° F. Freezing the barrel…

  • Relieves the stresses caused by hammer forging
  • Creates an even-grained, slick surface
  • Means less resistance

It’s easy to see the difference between the patterns of a cryogenically treated barrel and an untreated one. The Crio® System…

  • Enables barrels to stay cleaner longer

Progressive Comfort®

The Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system incorporates three sets of patented interlocking flexible buffers that absorb recoil at different stages dependent on the strength of the load.

By cutting away the outside of the stock, you can see the polymer system which includes 3 sets of fingers or leaves. These 3 sets of fingers each have a different elasticity, and the load used determines which sets of fingers are utilized for maximum recoil reduction. The first set of fingers is very flexible for light loads, the second set a bit stiffer for heavier loads, and the third set is optimized for the heaviest loads.


Get a secure grip, wet or dry, with the AirTouch® checkering pattern.

The dimpled AirTouch® pattern is molded into the synthetic stock and forend. It provides a superior gripping surface in all weather without being overly rough to the ungloved hand.


When considering total recoil, vibrations, and impact to the face are often overlooked. Benelli realized that improvements could be made to the stock comb to reduce facial impact and developed the Combtech System. Combtech is simple but highly effective in reducing force transferred to the cheek area, resulting in a softer shooting gun that allows you to shoot better.

BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment)

BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment) is a new proprietary finishing technology developed by engineers and scientists at Benelli’s manufacturing headquarters in Urbino Italy. Spending more than a decade developing BE.S.T., this coating provides corrosion and abrasion resistance that is superior to any other firearm finish on the market.

It is a hybrid Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) and Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) technology that applies a protective coating to parts. PVD and PECVD processes utilize electricity, radio frequencies, and plasma in a high vacuum environment to deposit a solid coating that precisely and uniformly covers the treated parts.

While these technologies have been used in many industries for some time, applying them to a gun barrel had never been practical until Benelli’s breakthrough. Typical deposition processes operate at high temperatures. Treating a gun barrel in such an environment would ruin the ballistic properties of the barrel and weaken the strength of the barrel extension. Benelli’s engineers created a process that completes the process at low temperature, maintaining the perfect ballistics of our Crio-treated barrels and the heat-treated strength of the barrel extension.


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243 Winchester



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