Browning® X-Bolt Speed 7mm PRC 24″ Barrel


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We didn’t hold back when designing the X-Bolt Speed. This is a true mountain-style rifle with the features that send it straight to the top of the peak for hunters looking for proven performance and accuracy.

The sporter contour barrel is fluted and comes in standard barrel lengths to keep the rifle light, maneuverable and easy to carry. The muzzle is threaded M13x0.75 to accept the included radial muzzle brake or thread protector cap. For additional performance, the Browning Recoil Hawg Sporter muzzle brake can also be added (Sold Seperately) . The barrel is free floated for consistent accuracy.

The Cerakote Smoked Bronze finish is applied to the action and barrel and offers metal protection that is better than traditional bluing or stainless steel. The lightweight composite stock features the concealment of Browning OVIX camo. This pattern offers excellent concealment in a variety of terrain and environments.


  • Free-floated barrel that is bedded in the front and the rear of the action for stability and to help maintain barrel-to-stock spacing for consistent accuracy.
  • Bolt unlock button works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an added measure of safety during checking and unloading of the chamber.
  • Short 60° bolt lift is fast cycling and allows you to work the bolt quickly
  • Detachable rotary magazine
  • Three-lever Feather Trigger
  • X-Lock scope mount features a four screw per base
  • Inflex Recoil Pad
  • Versatile Browning OVIX Camo®
  • Cerakote Smoked Bronze finish protects better than traditional bluing or stainless steel
  • Fluted, sporter contour barrel for the ideal blend of accuracy and weight savings
  • Threaded radial muzzle brake reduces felt recoil (thread protector included)
  • Weather-resistant composite stock



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Bolt
Handedness Right Optic Interface Drilled and Tapped; Browning X-Bolt Spec
Rear Sight None Front Sight None
Default Sight Radius (in; cm) N/A Grip Type Stock Integrated Pistol Grip Textured
Pistol Grip Cap None Trigger Type Adjustable Feather for Pull
Trigger Material Gold Plated Alloy Trigger Compatibility Browning X-Bolt
Min Trigger Pull (lbs; N) 3; 13.344664846 Max Trigger Pull (lbs; N) 5; 22.241108076
Default Trigger Pull (lbs) 4; 17.792886461 Safety 2-Position Tang
Manual Safety Position On Tang, Part of Trigger Assembly Magazine Interface Rotary Single Feed Detachable Box Flush Composite Floorplate
Magazine Compatibility Browning X-Bolt 300 PRC Magazine Capacity 3
Default Length (in; mm) 44.75; 1136.65 Min Length (in; mm) 44.75; 1136.65
Max Length (in; mm) 44.75; 1136.65 Min Width (in; mm) ~2.7; 70
Max Width (in; mm) ~2.7; 70 Min Height (in; mm) ~6; 153
Max Height (in; mm) ~6; 153 Weight w/o Mag (lbs; kg) ~6.8125; 3.09009802
Weight w/ Empty Mag (lbs; kg) 6.8125; 3.09009802 Accessory Interfaces Matte Blued Sling Stud Buttstock, Forend


Operating Mechanism 60° Throw, Rotating Bolt Head Action Size Long Action
Action Footprint Browning X-Bolt Long Action Right Hand Lower Receiver Material Steel
Lower Receiver Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote Upper Receiver Material Steel
Upper Receiver Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote Stock Interfacing Mechanism 2 Action Screws
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Steel Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Direct to Receiver Barrel Securing Mechanism Barrel Threaded into Receiver
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Steel Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote
Recoil Lug (1) Barrel Mounted Collar Recoil Lug Material Steel
Recoil Lug Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote Feed Type Push
Ejection Bolt Mounted Spring Loaded Ejector Ejection Direction Right
Bolt Type 3 Piece Bolt Material Steel
Bolt Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote Bolt Head Type Integral Part of Bolt Body
Bolt Lock (3) Bolt Head Lugs Operating Handle Replaceable Bolt Handle w/ Cylindrical Smooth Knob
Operating Handle Material Steel Operating Handle Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote
Bolt Hold Open None Bolt Release Left Side Receiver Mounted Push Button
Trigger Guard Type Part of Magwell Assembly Trigger Guard Material Alloy
Trigger Guard Finish Smoke Bronze Cerakote Trigger Guard Engraving Buck Mark in Black
Magazine Release Type Flush Pull Lever Magazine Release Position On Front of Magazine
Magazine Cutoff None Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism None


Stock Type Pistol Grip Full Size Stock Fit Browning X-Bolt Long Action
Stock Material Composite Stock Finish OVIX Camo
Buttpad Rubber Inflex 1 Small Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) 13.625; 34.6075 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) 13.625; 34.6075
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) 13.625; 34.6075 Adjustable Comb No
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.0625; 2.69875 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.0625; 2.69875
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) 0.5; 1.27 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) 0.5; 1.27
Adjustable Cast No Adjustable Pitch No


Forend Type Stock Integrated Forend Fit Browning X-Bolt Long Action
Forend Material Composite Forend Finish OVIX Camo Textured


Barrel Length (mm) 609.6 Caliber Marking 7MM PRC ONLY
Chamber Size SAAMI Spec Pressure Rating NP Marking
Barrel Profile Sporter Straight Fluted Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Finish Smoked Bronze Cerakote Chamber Finish Polished
Rifling 4 Groove Twist Rate (in) 1:8
Muzzle Device Pre-installed Radial Muzzle Brake; Supplied Thread Protector Muzzle Thread M13x0.75

Additional Information:

Browning Ovix – A Complete System of Concealment

Browning has a long-standing tradition of delivering innovative outdoor products that meet the demands of hunters. Our leading-edge approach runs the gamut of the industry, from technologies that improve rifle accuracy to innovations that tighten shot patterns to the newest technical fabrics that optimize stealth and flexibility in our outdoor clothing. In every respect, Browning leads the way in advancements in the hunting industry and make your time spent in the field more successful. Now, we’ve directed our attention to the art of concealment in the wild with Browning OVIX camouflage. At its core, OVIX is another feat of Browning innovation – developed to be versatile and highly effective in a variety of environments, types of terrain and seasons. Consider OVIX to be a revolutionary addition on every hunt.

The art of OVIX is the intentionally-placed brown, gray and green hues that succeed in doing what all camo patterns strive to do – break up the outline of the wearer at any distance and make the human form indistinguishable. To create OVIX, we used color analysis, strategic shading and incorporated shape manipulation to create a consistent pattern of concealment and optical movement. The color pallet utilizes high contrast to break up shapes during engagements at the closer ranges that bow hunters require. At greater distances, the shapes blend to create a natural mirage rather than a dark “blob” that is common in many camo patterns. A combination of atmospheric optics and white light color scattering create the essential background to this revolutionary camouflage pattern. The effectiveness of OVIX has been evaluated extensively by our Pro Staff and proven successful on elk, moose, whitetail and mule deer and even varmint hunts.

With a full line of rifles, outdoor clothing for every season and a variety of accessories all clad in OVIX camouflage, Browning offers what other companies can’t – a total concealment package that has been assembled to keep you hidden from keen vision and wary natural instincts. From rocky, open terrain to a tree stand in fall leaves, from bugling bulls to grunting whitetail, OVIX camouflage is a natural choice for concealment.

Bolt Unlock Button

The bolt unlock button is a feature found on the Browning X-Bolt and the AB3 bolt action rifles.

It works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an added measure of safety during checking and unloading of the chamber. Conveniently located on top of the bolt lever, the bolt unlock button allows the bolt to be unlocked and opened with the safety in the on safe position. The safety blocks the trigger sear and features a firing pin block for added safety.

This feature is likely one of the most understated and underappreciated of Browning features until you actually use it. Then it becomes an integral part of the use and operation of your rifle.

  • The bolt unlock button works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an extra margin of safety when checking and unloading the chamber.
  • Located on top of the bolt handle, the bolt unlock button allows the bolt to be unlocked and opened with the tang safety in the on safe position.
  • The convenient tang safety blocks the trigger sear and features a firing pin block for added security.

Feather Trigger

For precise shooting in the field or off the bench, there’s absolutely no substitute for a good, predictable trigger. X-Bolt rifles feature the three-lever Feather Trigger that provides a clean, crisp pull with no take-up or creep and minimal overtravel. The trigger is screw adjustable from 3 to 5 lb. and factory pre-set at approximately 3 1/2-4 lb. An alloy trigger housing contains hard chromed steel components that are highly polished on all critical contact surfaces. Precise engagement angles mean the X-Bolt Feather Trigger feels light and right and stays that way through many thousands of rounds. Unlike competitors’ triggers with secondary finger piece levers, the Feather Trigger is designed right, from the very start.

Without a great trigger, a rifle’s accuracy is no more than luck. Our crisp and smooth three-lever Feather Trigger gives Browning X-Bolt rifles custom trigger performance straight from the box.

X-Lock – Rifle Scope Mounting System

Securely mounted optics are essential to the accuracy and precision of any rifle. To ensure the new X-Bolt rifle has the most stable mount possible, it features the X-Lock scope mounting system. The X-Lock system uses four screws per base, replacing the traditional two-screw system. The benefits are obvious, with the scope bases being secured at all four corners rather than only held at the center of the base. This allows for more accurate placement of the bases on the receiver. This revolutionary X-Lock system holds the base tighter to the rifle than ever before.

Inflex Technology – Recoil Pad Technology

The Inflex Technology recoil pad is the most comfortable, effective pad available. That’s because Inflex Technology is more than a mass of recoil absorbing material, the innovation is engineered into the pad. Underneath the material, an internal skeleton has been designed using the concept of directional deflection. When a Browning with the Inflex recoil pad is fired, the pad collapses, but instead of simply moving to the rear, directional ribs pull the comb down and away from your face for even greater shooting comfort and faster follow-ups.

Inflex Technology is on several Browning rifles and shotguns. The videos shown below explains the system on an A5 shotgun and Browning X-Bolt rifle. The same principles apply to the other Browning guns fitted with Inflex.

The new Inflex II Technology recoil pad is the next generation of the most recoil absorbing pad available. A softer new outer material provides even better recoil absorbing performance and is super slippery to prevent snagging on clothing when shouldering. Internal directional deflection construction guides the comb down and away from your cheek for greater shooting comfort and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

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7mm PRC





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