Butler Creek® Bikini® Scope Cover


Soft, pliable rubber covers protect lenses from dirt, dust, debris, and moisture. The Bikini Scope Cover conforms to fit all scopes with objective diameter up to 62mm. A pair of stretchable bands secure covers to the ends of the scope and cover can be removed with a flick of the wrist.


  • Made of a soft, pliable rubber to form around lens providing a dustproof, moisture-proof seal
  • Fits riflescopes with objectives up to 62mm outside diameter
  • One-piece, quick removal design
  • “Ideal for storage, transport, and field use”
  • Compact design the Bikini cover can be stored in a pocket or pack while hunting
  • Simply the Ultimate Scope Lens Protection for Hunters and Shooters
    • Create a watertight, airtight seal lens cover you can open with a touch of a button so you can put your shot through the narrow window of opportunity in the most extreme conditions
  • Butler Creek: Born From Experience
    • Firearms and optics are investments worth protecting. Butler Creek® produces innovative, field-proven accessories that improve the shooting experience for hunters and tactical enthusiasts alike. The wide array of accessories are designed by shooters who know the value of quality and durability

Additional Information:

Model Number 19000


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