Caldwell® Brass Trap

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Are you tired of spending as much time sifting through grass looking for brass as you do shooting at the range? Look no more with the Caldwell Brass Trap. It is specifically designed to catch the brass in most shooting environments with any gun. The Brass Trap quickly assembles to be set on a bench and catch all or your rifle brass or it can be mounted on tripod to catch all of your pistol brass. When you are done shooting simply unzip the zipper for quick brass removal and break it down to store in your range bag. Spend more time shooting and less time looking for brass with the Caldwell Brass Trap. Carry bag included.


  • Use on benchtop or attach to any tripod with a 1/4-20 male threaded stud (tripod not included)
  • The durable bag has a zippered bottom for easy emptying
  • Heat resistant mesh
  • Carry bag included
  • The entire Brass Trap collapses and folds up into a storage bag small enough to fit in your range bag!

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