Caldwell E-Max Power Cords Electronic Bluetooth Rechargeable Earplugs 22dB NRR Black


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The E-Max Power Cords are Bluetooth ear plugs that allow you to listen to your favorite music on your mobile device all while protecting your hearing on the range. Complete with high-quality stereo sound and a corded design that keeps them together, these plugs are rated with a 22dB noise reduction rating.


  • Bluetooth compatible with mobile devices: Pair your Caldwell E-Max Power Cords to enjoy music and protect your hearing.  Seamless transitions make for an enjoyable experience at the range.  Can also answer phone calls.
  • 22dB NRR – High quality stereo sound
  • Volume control: Adjust audio output with convenient volume controls.
  • Corded design keeps earplugs together
  • Illuminated on/off indicator – Auto-shutoff (4 hours without touching controls)
  • Battery Life: 6 Hours per charge
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • Multiple size ear tips for custom fit
  • Great for other noise reduction such as lawnmowers


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