Cass Creek Ergo Predator II Electronic Game Call


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The Cass Creek Electronic Predator II Call features five proven predator attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thing.


  • True sound recordings
  • Convenient hand-held size and operation minimizes movement
  • Convenient belt clip or strap clip
  • On/off dial volume control for easy regulation
  • Easy to operate push button sound activation with overlap/interrupt
  • “Sure hold” rubberized grip
  • One finger selection allows for in close calling – five call selection
  • Lightweight – easy to carry, water resistant
  • Natural bark camouflage finish – blends into natural environment
  • External speaker/headphone port
  • Operates on 3 included AAA batteries
  • Call included:
    • Woodpecker Wail
      • Shrill and piercing repetitive wail
    • Raccoon Pups
      • Young coon cries of distress
    • Kitten Distress
      • Helpless feline call of vulnerability
    • Gray Fox Pup
      • Call of an immature fox signals territory infringement
    • Rodent Squeal
      • Series of squeaks and drawn out squeals

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