CCI® Shotshell 22 EX LR 31Gr #12 20 Round Box


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Use your favorite rimfire rifle or pistol like a shotgun to exterminate close-range pests. The payload of fine pellets in our rimfire shotshell offerings is pushed by consistent propellant and reliable CCI® priming for patterns you can count on every time.


  • Rimfire shotshells
  • Consistent patterns
  • Easier hits on close-range pests



Load Weight (oz) 1/15
Pellet Count ~165

Additional Information:

Warning: DO NOT USE SHOTSHELLS IN FIREARMS WITH PORTED BARRELS OR PORTED RECOIL COMPENSATORS. Intended for short-range pest control; not recommended for self-defense.  Use only in firearms having standard ANSI sporting barrel/chamber dimensions.

Part Number 5039
Distributor Product Code 0039


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22 EX LR



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