CroMag Industries MagRipper™ V1 AR/STANAG Magazine Speedloader

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You ain’t no fortunate son.

You are a soldier in the Queen’s army. More importantly, you are death incarnate. Friends and foes alike tremble at the sight of you and the very ground shakes when you walk. There’s just one problem…those big meat hooks of yours can’t hand load rounds as fast as you can send them down range. Looks like you should have spent a little more time in high school playing piano and a little less time smashing the like button, eh champ? Don’t worry, CroMag has you covered.

Introducing the MagRipper. With our proprietary dual arm collapsible design, it fits easily into an admin pouch. The unloading tool on the arm lets you strip magazines as fast as you can load them. It even has an AR takedown pin punch so that your weak little hands don’t hold you back.

Designed to work with both US and Canadian stripper clips, the MagRipper will get you off the ground and back in the fight.


  • Works with 5.56 x 45 mm NATO / .223 REM rounds and all STANAG AR magazines.
  • Manufactured and assembled in Vancouver, BC

Additional Information:

Loading Ammunition

  1. Ensure the MagRipper is in the loading position.
  2. Orient the MagRipper and seat firmly onto the magazine.  It should fit snug with no lateral movement.  It is best to hold the assembly such that the concave end of the magazine faces away from your body
  3. Ensure you support both the loader and the magazine with one hand.  Insert a loaded stripper clip or loose rounds.
    1. When loading loose rounds, ensure the round orient themselves such that the bullet ends are tilted slightly upwards.  If the rounds are tilted down, you may induce a failure to load.
  4. While maintaining your grasp on the assembly, push the rounds firmly into the magazine.  It is best to push close to the primer end of the rounds, as indicated by the text on the charge arm.
  5. Once the stripper clip is depleted (if used), simply flick the stripper clip out of the MagRipper.
  6. Repeat as neccesary.
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