CZ P-07 SR Urban Grey 9x19mm 4.36″ Barrel


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Another compact model in this popular series that follows the latest trends of having an extended, threaded muzzle for the easy and reliable installation of a muzzle device.


  • OMEGA Trigger Mechanism
    • The proven OMEGA trigger is a simple and reliable mechanism that gives you a choice between two safeties – manual or hammer decocking on the safety notch.
  • Convertable Manual Safety/decocker System
    • By simply replacing the ambidextrous controls, you can switch from manual safety to decocker and vice versa.
  • Ambidextrous Controls
    • Ambidextrous controls of the manual safety or hammer decocking cater to both right- and left-handed shooters.
  • Durable Fiberglass-reinforced Polymer Frame
    • Lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame is mechanically strong and thermally stable.
  • Replaceable Backstraps
    • Three sizes of interchangeable backstraps to modify grip and finger reach are included.
  • Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
    • The CZ P-07/09 adapts to your needs with front and rear cocking serrations that allow for comfortable and safe handling of the slide.
  • Light, Ergonomic Hammer
    • Ergonomic shape of the hammer ensures fast and reliable cocking, as well as safe decocking. Although lighter, the hammer has been designed to maximize impact energy transferred to the firing pin for 100% initiation of the cartridge primer.
  • Refined Trigger Blade Design
    • A refined shape of the trigger blade makes pulls fast and reliable in both SA and DA modes, even for shooters with shorter fingers.
  • Optimized Ergonomics
    • Rounded edges of the frame, combined with the deep cut beavertail, ensure a fast, firm and safe grip, even when an immediate reaction with minimum time to adjust the grip is required.
  • Extremely Durable Finish
    • The finish of the barrel, slide and trigger components provides resistance to adverse weather effects and mechanical damage.
  • Sloping Front of the Slide
    • The sloping front of the slide allows for a narrower holster design, making it more suitable for concealed carry. The sloping slide also makes holstering easier.
  • Standardized Rail
    • Attach a flashlight, laser pointer or both using the MIL-STD-1913 rail.


Size Compact Frame Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Magazine Capacity 10 Trigger SA/DA
SA Trigger Pull Weight (N) 21 SA Trigger Travel (mm) 10 +/- 1
DA Trigger Pull Weight (N) 44 +/- 2 DA Trigger Travel (mm) 13 +/- 2
Trigger Reset (mm) 7 +/- 1 Rear Sight High Luminescent
Front Sight High Luminescent Safety Hammer Safety Notch, Firing Pin Block, Decocker/Manual Safety
Barrel Length (mm) 115 Thread 1/2 “× 28 UNEF – 3A
Length (mm) 207 Width (mm) 37
Height (mm) 130 Weight w/ Empty Magazine (g) 760

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The CZ P-07 (compact) and CZ P-09 (full-size) models enjoy an impressive reputation around the world for their comfortable and simple operation, high accuracy even during rapid firing, and absolute reliability in adverse conditions. Their main advantage is the original OMEGA trigger system, which features smooth trigger pull and low pull weight in both single-action and double-action modes. Easily accessible, ambidextrous controls can be easily converted from manual safety to decocker and vice versa.

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