CZ P-10 F 9x19mm 4.5″ Barrel


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The full-size model of the CZ P-10 pistol is the ideal choice for shooters who prefer the best possible grip, maximum magazine capacity and long barrel.


  • Extremely Durable Finish
    • The barrel, slide and frame have a durable finish that provides resistance to mechanical damage and the effect of adverse weather conditions, thus increasing overall service life.
  • Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
    • Front and rear cocking serrations allow for comfortable and safe handling of the slide.
  • High Visibility Iron Sights
    • Iron sights with three luminiescent dots for quick and intuitive aiming.  Chamfered edges on the sights ensure smooth handling of the slide.
  • Durable Fiberglass-reinforced Polymer Frame
    • Lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame is mechanically strong and thermally stable.
  • Replaceable Backstraps
    • Three sizes of interchangeable backstraps to modify grip and finger reach are included.
  • Automatic Striker Block
    • Combined with the trigger safety, drop safety is fully ensured.
  • Excellent Shooting Comfort
    • Ergonomic grip with prominent checkering for comfort, stability and safety in hand in all conditions.
  • Flat Ambidextrous Slide Stop
    • Suitable for right and left-handed shooters, while allowing for comfortable handling with the non-dominant hand.
  • Swappable Magazine Release
    • Swappable magazine release is right and left-handed friendly for fast, intuitive and comfortable operation.


Size Full-Size Frame Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Magazine Capacity 10 Trigger SFDA
Trigger Pull Weight (N) 25 +/- 4 Trigger Travel (mm) 9 +/- 1
Trigger Reset (mm) 4 Rear Sight Luminescent
Front Sight Luminescent Safety Trigger, Trigger bar & Firing pin block
Barrel Length (mm) 114 Length (mm) 153
Width (mm) 32 Height (mm) 203
Weight w/ Empty Magazine (g) 810

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The industry-leading P-10 series is offered in a comprehensive array of sizes, from supercompact (CZ P-10 M) to subcompact (CZ P-10 S), compact (CZ P-10 C), semi-compact (CZ P-10 SC) and full-size (CZ P -10 F). Most models are also available with a design that allows for the easy installation of a muzzle device and/or red dot sight.

All CZ P-10 series pistols feature maximum reliability, high accuracy, a long service life and shooting comfort. The sophisticated grip and checkering were created in accordance with the modern ergonomic DiFEND method, which significantly contributes to extreme user-friendliness. The very first model released in this series, the CZ P-10 C compact, was named “2017 Gun of the Year” by the prestigious American magazine “Guns & Ammo”.

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Dimensions 33 × 25.5 × 8.5 cm

9mm Luger




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