CZ Shadow 2 9x19mm 4.6″ Barrel


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The CZ Shadow 2 is an all-steel, large-capacity SA / DA pistol that is currently the most celebrated firearm in today’s dynamic sport disciplines. This model is used by winners of the most prestigious IPSC shooting competitions.


  • Extremely Durable Finish
    • The special finish of the barrel, slide and frame provides resistance to adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage, thus increasing its overall service life.
  • Distinct Checkering
    • Hundreds of sharp protrusions on the front of the grip provide perfect stability of the firearm in the hand. The firearm does not slip in the hand when firing or when abruptly changing the lateral direction.
  • Smooth Trigger Pull and Shortened Reset
    • Smooth trigger pull and a shortened reset are essential for achieving the best shooting results.
  • Duralumin Grips
    • Duralumin, an aluminum alloy, is lightweight and extremely durable. Duralumin grips provide the firmest and most consistent grasp on sport firearms.
  • Adjustable Magazine Release
    • Fast reloading during a shooting stage must be completely intuitive. With its adjustable magazine release, each user can fine-tune positioning of the release to reach maximum reloading speeds.
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
    • The optic fiber in the sight gathers light from the environment and amplifies it for extreme visibility, thereby significantly reducing the time required for aiming.
  • A Grip That Goes Deep
    • Frame adjustments under the beavertail allow shooters to go deep inside the gun for improved control during firing and reduction of lift.
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
    • A longer sight base, together with a robust height/side adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front sight, increase shooting accuracy.
  • 120mm Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
    • The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore that directs the flow of fibers, which increases accuracy and service life of the barrel. Shooting accuracy is also increased by the extended 120 mm barrel compared to the base model.


Size Full-Size Frame Steel
Grips Duralumin Magazine Capacity 10
Trigger SA/DA SA Trigger Pull Weight (N) 15
SA Trigger Travel (mm) 3 – 4 DA Trigger Pull Weight (N) 46
DA Trigger Travel (mm) 5 Trigger Reset (mm) ~3 – 4
Rear Sight Checkered Front Sight Fiber Optic
Safety Notch on hammer & Manual Barrel Length (mm) 120
Length (mm) 217 Width (mm) 34
Height (mm) ~157 Weight w/ Empty Magazine (g) ~1330

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The Most Popular Firearm for Competing in the IPSC Production Division

The CZ SHADOW 2 series is a family of high performance, large-capacity steel pistols for today‘s dynamic sport shooting disciplines. Models within this series allow good shooters to perform extremely well and the best shooters to win the most prestigious IPSC competitions.


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