CZ TS 2 9x19mm 5.3″ Barrel


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Base model of the new sport special for competing in the IPSC Standard Division or for target shooting. This model is equipped with flat, silver anodized duralumin grips, fixed metal sights and an extended, manual safety on the left side of the pistol (flat safety on the right side).


  • New Attractive Design of the Slide, Frame and Sport Hammer
  • Increased Accuracy and Service Life
    • Due to the use of high quality materials and utilization of the latest production technologies
  • Machined Magwell and Flat, Anodized Duralumin Base
    • Offers long service life and high reliability with various types of ammunition
  • Improved Ergonomics
    • Contributes to comfortable handling during firing.
  • Improved Frame and Slide Geometry
    • Provides for easier, faster and more reliable handling
  • Aggressive Checkering
    • Ensures a firm and tactile grip


Size Full-Size Frame Steel
Grips Duralumin Magazine Capacity 10
Trigger SAO Trigger Pull Weight (N) 8
Trigger Travel (mm) ~3 – 4 Trigger Reset (mm) ~3 – 4
Rear Sight Checkered Front Sight Fiber Optic
Safety Notch on hammer & Manual Barrel Length (mm) 130
Length (mm) 225 Width (mm) 42
Height (mm) 149 Weight w/ Empty Magazine (g) 1350

Additional Information:

The CZ TS 2 model introduces a new level of refinement.  It features a sport trigger with a quick reset, and comes with a new frame and slide.

The technologies used to create the new model allow for precise tolerances down to a hundredth of a millimeter for a much tighter parts fit, resulting in both increased shooting accuracy and an extended service life.

The improved ergonomics and intelligent distribution of mass enable refined operation, even when shooting fast.  There is a minimum muzzle rise and return is prompt and natural.

Thanks to its improved build and customization options, CZ TS 2 has the potential to satisfy a wide range of our valued customers – beginners and intermediate shooters in the IPSC Standard Division and USPSA, but also hobby target shooters with a large-caliber pistol.

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Distributor Product Code 0474-0711-SJFNUBX


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Dimensions 48.5 × 42 × 13 cm

9mm Luger



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