Drummond Industries AR 450 Steel Pistol Target 6x7x3/16″ Orange


Convenience is a very important factor when determining which steel target will best fit your needs. If it’s too big, too heavy, or just overcomplicated, chances are it won’t get used as much as you’d planned. When we designed this pistol target we stripped it down to only what was necessary – and quality was not compromised. 3/16″ thick AR450 keeps the weight to a very comfortable 2 ½ pounds, making transportation a breeze. Toss it in your backpack or even your back pocket, but don’t underestimate how durable this pistol target is. From 22 LR to 17 HMR, 9mm and up to 40 S&W, this steel target won’t let you down. Remember: make sure you’re informed about proper gun handling and target use prior to shooting. Read our safety information sheet here.

If you think a 9mm carbine would do damage, watch this pistol target get blasted to see what happens. Hanging from our target stand brackets the gong flies back each time it’s hit, making follow up shots fun and challenging! Hits on target are easily confirmed by watching the positive reaction of movement as well as hearing the unmistakeable sound of clanking steel. Upon inspection there is no denting, pitting or bending of the target, and it remains in perfect working condition ready for another day at the range.


  • For rimfire, 9mm, 40S&W
  • Positive reaction of sound and movement
  • Square holes for carriage bolts – no tools needed
  • Neon orange powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • Manufactured in Canada

Additional Information:

Remember: make sure you’re informed about proper gun handling and target use prior to shooting.


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