ELEY® club 22 LR 40Gr RN 1040 FPS 50 Round Box


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Taking the next step with ELEY club.

ELEY club is designed to offer enhanced performance over our entry-level ELEY sport cartridge. Each lot is tested to higher accuracy standards in order to meet the demanding requirements of the club shooter.


  • Reliable with excellent accuracy
  • Suitable for all 25m and 50m disciplies
  • Ideal for competitive club shooters
  • ELEYprime composition for consistent ignition
  • Cut case mouth providing controlled length and optimum projectile seating
  • Beeswax based lubricant for easy chambering
  • Rounded projectile ogive to assist magazine feed
  • ELEY headstamp – The hallmark of quality



Bullet Type (Lead) Round Nose
Bullet Weight (g) 2.59
Bullet Diameter (in) 0.224
Sectional Density (lb/in²) 0.114
Bullet Lubricant Paraffin Wax
Material of Jacket N/A
Cartridge Length (in; mm) 1; 25.4
Commercial Spec CIP M Marked Box



Velocity and Energy:

Distance (y) Muzzle 55 100
Velocity (fps) 1085 994 935
Energy (ft-lb) 104.9 87.5 77.4


Velocity and Energy:

Distance (m) Muzzle 50 91
Velocity (m/s) 1085 994 935
Energy (J) 145 121 107

Additional Information:

Product Code 02100
Distributor Item Number 230-02100


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22 LR



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