ELEY® Semi-auto Benchrest Outlaw 22 LR 42Gr RN 1040 FPS 50 Round Box


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ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw is breaking the rules in .22LR accuracy, delivering outstanding performance and reliability in every round. The semi-automatic ammunition provides benchrest shooters with a round that delivers shot-to-shot consistency thanks to its internal ballistic performance.

Whether training or competing, ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw provides the superb accuracy expected from ELEY.


  • Performance and reliability in every round
  • Round nose bullet profile
  • Shot-to-shot consistency
  • ELEYprime composition for consistent ignition
  • Cut case mouth providing controlled length and optimum projectile seating
  • EP2723 lubricant
  • Rounded projectile ogive to assist magazine feed
  • ELEY headstamp – The hallmark of quality



Bullet Style Round Nose
Bullet Weight (g) 2.59
Lubricant EP2723
Cartridge Length (mm; in) 25.4; 1


Muzzle Velocity Range (ft/s; m/s) 1040 – 1090; 317 – 332

Additional Information:

Product Code 02320
Distributor Item Number 230-02320


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22 LR



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