Federal® Champion® 22 LR 36Gr CPHP 1260 FPS 325 Round Box


Plinking. Targets. Competition. Training. Whatever rimfire pursuit drives you, you’ll get accurate, affordable performance with Federal Champion rimfire ammunition. The reliable bullet, priming and brass are suited to a wide variety of rimfire range applications.


  • Accurate
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Affordably priced
  • Federal brass, bullet and primer



Bullet Type Copper Plated Hollow Point
Bullet Weight (g) 2.33
Bullet Diameter (in) 0.224
Sectional Density (lb/in²) 0.102
Material of Jacket Copper
Bullet Lubricant Standard
Min Strike Depth (in) Standard
Max Strike Depth (in) Standard
Cartridge Length (in; mm) Standard
Commercial Spec SAAMI Spec, CIP M Marked Box
Min Recommended Headspace (in) Min SAAMI Spec
Max Recommended Headspace (in) Max SAAMI Spec


Ballistic Coefficient (G1) 0.125
Ballistic Coefficient (RA4) ~0.121
Test Barrel Length (in) 24
Sight Height (in) 1.5

Velocity and Energy:

Distance (y) Muzzle 50 100 150
Velocity (fps) 1260 1104 1003 931
Energy (ft-lb) 127 97 80 69

Wind Drift (10 mph crosswind)

Distance (y) Muzzle 50 100 150
Drift (in) 0 1.5 5.7 12.2

Average Range (50 Y zero):

Distance (y) Muzzle 50 100 150
Drop (in) -1.5 0 -5.6 -19.7

Long Range (100 Y zero):

Distance (y) Muzzle 50 100 150
Drop (in) -1.5 2.8 0 -11.4

Additional Information:

Trajectory tables were calculated by computer using the best available data for each load.  Trajectories are representative of the nominal behavior of each load at standard conditions (59°F temperature; barometric pressure of 29.53 inches; altitude at sea level).  Shooters are cautioned that actual trajectories may differ due to variations in altitude, atmospheric conditions, guns, sights and ammunition.

Part Number 725


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22 Long Rifle



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