Federal Premium® TruBall® Tactical® 12Ga 2 3/4″ 1oz TTMHPR Slug 1300FPS 5 Round Box


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Amazing accuracy for smoothbore shotguns can now we found with Federal Premium® Law Enforcement. The Tactical® TruBall® Rifled Slug ushers in a new generation of rifled slug systems and provides the confidence you need in standard shotguns. Utilizing the unique TruBall system, we’re able to lock the components together, centering the slug in the barrel. This system promotes clean separation of components after muzzle exit to ensure greater down-range accuracy.



Bullet Style TruBall Tactical Maximum Hollow Point Rifled Slug
Bullet Type Lead
Bullet Weight (Gr) 438
Ballistic Coefficient 0.07
Shotshell Length (mm) 70

Ballistics (30″ Test Barrel:

Velocity (fps):

Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
1300 1146 1040 966 909

Energy (ft-lbs):

Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
1643 1277 1052 908 803

Wind Drift in Inches (at 10 mph crosswind):

25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
0.7 2.7 5.7 9.6

Average Range (50 yd zero; sights 0.5″ above bore):

25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
0.6 0 -0.6 -7.4

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