Fiocchi® Defense Dynamics™ 12 Ga 2 3/4″ 00 Buckshot 25 Round Box


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If there is one firearm platform that offers the most diverse defense and close-quarter engagement capabilities, it is the shotgun. Fiocchi offers reliable and effective defensive shotgun ammo for both civilians and law enforcement professionals through the Defense Dynamics line.  They are made with the same demanding quality and component requirements as the company’s top-end ammunition.


  • Buckshot: Uniform lead pellets for maximum terminal performance
  • Powder: Formulated to burn clean and with consistent pressure
  • Wad: Engineered to deliver optimal pellet density and reduce pellet deformity
  • Primer: Consistent and reliable performance



Projectile Type Lead Pellets
Projectile Count 9




Additional Information:

Fiocchi developed Defense Buckshot as an option for defensive or competitive scenarios.  Hard hitting lead buckshot is backed by sa proprietary wad design that focuses the shot column and ensures optimal pellet impat on close to near-distant targets.  A clean-burning, carefully formulated powder charge combines with the high performance wad to provide decisive 1250 FPS velocity while minimizing recoil and reducing muzzle flash.

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12 Gauge



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