Franchi Affinity 3 20Ga 3″ 26″ Barrel Realtree Max-5


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The Affinity 3 semi-automatic shotgun is the ideal coming together of Italian craftsmanship and American passion. Even as you first shoulder it, you’ll be surprised by its lean dimensions, functional design and ideal weight and balance. The trim forend helps keep your eye close to the bore axis, meaning quicker and more intuitive pointing. The custom-grade controls—bolt handle, bolt release and magazine port—are oversized for positive use even with gloved hands. The Inertia Driven® system along with the TSA recoil pad makes the Affinity 3 easy on the shoulder in the field or on the clay range.

Affinity 3 Turkey shotgun are packed with features avid turkey hunters want.


  • Choke Tubes: IC, M, F and wrench
  • Shim Kit: For adjustment of drop and cast
  • Trigger Assembly: Trigger group is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance by punching out a single pin.
  • Oversized Controls: An over-sized bolt release and charging handle make for easy operation of the action, even with gloved hands.
  • Drilled and Tapped Receiver: Receivers are drilled and tapped to facilitate quick and easy mounting of optics and accessories.
  • Easy Loading: The enlarged loading port makes loading additional shells quick and easy, a must for glove-wearing weather conditions.
  • Sight and Chokes: The chrome-lined, vent rib barrel is fitted with a fiber-optic front sight and uses readily available Mobil chokes.
  • Magazine Cap: Magazine cap with sling attachment stud


Length of Pull (in) 14 3/8
Min Drop at Heel (in) 2
Max Drop at Heel 2 1/2
Drop at Comb (in) 1 1/2
Magazine Capacity 4 + 1
Type of Sights Fiber Optic Red-bar Front
Drilled and Tapped Yes
Min Recommended Load 7/8 oz, 1200 FPS

Additional Information:

The Inertia Driven® System harnesses the law of inertia to power the world’s fastest, simplest, and most reliable semi-auto shotguns. Newton’s first law of physics is consistent and unchanging. And we put it to work for you in the best system ever devised.

  • Reliable – The Inertia Driven® System never needs adjusting. It will cycle anything from light field loads to 3-1/2-inch magnums with consistent reliability, year after year.
  • Simple – The system has only 3 primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring, and the rotating bolt head.
  • Fast – With very few parts, the Inertia Driven® System is fast.
  • Clean – Gas, smoke, and burnt powder stay in the barrel where they belong, instead of being channeled into the gun’s mechanism as they are in gas systems.
  • Strong – Strong steel locking lugs on the rotating bolt head of the Inertia Driven® System lock steel to steel inside the gun barrel. The lugs lock even more tightly during firing.
  • Low-Maintenance – Gun cleaning takes a fraction of the time, since the system is cleaner.
  • Lightweight – The Inertia Driven® System is incredibly lightweight. Shotguns with the system can be some of the lightest ever produced.
  • Perfect Balance – With no springs, action bar linkage, or heavy gas cylinders under the fore-end, Inertia Driven® shotguns balance as a fine game gun should.

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