Franchi Affinity Max-5 3.5 12 Ga 3.5″ 28″ Barrel


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Power should be an asset, never a liability: the Affinity 3.5 feels and handles like a smaller-gauge shotgun while offering the full capabilities of today’s 31⁄2″ shells. Together, our Inertia Driven® system and TSA pad—which absorbs up to 50% of the recoil—translate into a pleasant shooting experience no matter the conditions. Handling is also optimized thanks to the slim forend profile made possible by the recoil spring being efficiently housed around the magazine tube. The stock is also trim and includes an internal balance weight that can be removed to customize weight-distribution.


  • Evolved Ergonom-X
    • Designed from the ground up to provide optimal comfort in any shooting position.
  • Inertia Driven
    • Clean, reliable, and light-weight operation provides for ideal performance and easy maintenance.
  • Omni Stock Adjustable Fit
    • Stock drop and cast adjustability for a truly optimized shooting experience.
  • TSA Recoil Pad
    • Reduces up to 50% of felt recoil for quicker follow-up shots and increased shooting comfort.
  • Choke Tubes
    • IC, M, and F Mobil Chokes and wrench provided.
  • Shim Kit
    • Five stock drop and cast adjustment shims included for a truly optimized shooting experience.
  • Stock Counterweight
    • An optional 3.4 oz. stock counterweight comes standard to promote optimal balance adjustment if desired.
  • 3 1/2″ Chamber
    • Chambered for the use of 3-1/2 in., 3 in., and 2-3/4 in. shotgun shells.
  • Inertia Driven
    • Clean, reliable, and light-weight operation provides for ideal performance and easy maintenance.
  • Drilled and Tapped Receiver
    • A drilled and tapped receiver comes standard to facilitate quick and easy mounting of optics and accessories.
  • Chrome Lined Barrel
    • Hard chrome-line chamber and bore ensure long-lasting protection from both continued wear and the elements.
  • Over-Sized Controls
    • An oversized bolt release and charging handle make for easy operation of the action, even with gloved hands.
  • Beveled Loading Port
    • An enlarged and beveled loading port makes loading shells quick and easy with and without gloves.
  • Removable Trigger Group
    • A one-piece trigger group assembly is easily removed for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • TSA Recoil Pad
    • Reduces up to 50% of felt recoil for quicker follow-up shots and increased shooting comfort. The proven design will not snag on your clothes as you shoulder the gun.
  • Fiber-Optic Sight
    • Included fiber-optic front sight for easy target acquisition.



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Semi-auto
Handedness Right Optic Interface Drilled and Tapped; Franchi Affinity Spec
Rear Sight None Front Sight Fixed Red Fiber Optic Bar
Grip Type Stock Integrated Pistol Grip Checkered Pistol Grip Cap Synthetic Franchi Logo
Trigger Type Standard Trigger Compatiblity Franchi Affinity 12 Ga
Min Trigger Pull (lbs) ~5 Max Trigger Pull (lbs) ~5
Observed Trigger Pull (lbs) ~5 Safety 2-Position Cross Bolt
Manual Safety Position Part of Triger Group, Ahead of Trigger on Trigger Guard Magazine Interface Fixed Tube
Magazine Compatibility Franchi Affinity, Intensity, I-12 in 12 Ga Magazine Capacity 4
Default Length (in; mm) 49.5; 1257.3 Min Length (in; mm) 49.5; 1257.3
Max Length (in; mm) 49.5; 1257.3 Width (in; mm) ~2.4; 60
Height (in; mm) ~8; 203 Weight (lbs; kg) 7; 3.17515
Accessory Interface Sling Swivel Buttstock, Magazine Cap


Operating Mechanism Inertia Driven, Rotating Bolt Action Size Standard
Receiver Type Franchi Affinity Lower Receiver Material Metal
Lower Receiver Finish Realtree Max-5 Camo Upper Receiver Material Metal
Upper Receiver Finish Realtree Max-5 Camo Stock Interfacing Mechanism Threaded Into Receiver By Stock Screw
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Metal Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Standard
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Direct to Receiver Barrel Securing Mechanism Threaded Magazine Cap
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Metal Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Black
Recoil Lug None Recoil Lug Material N/A
Recoil Lug Finish N/A Feed Type Push
Ejection Spring Loaded, Barrel Mounted Ejection Direction Right
Bolt Type 2-Piece Bolt Material Steel
Bolt Finish Polished Bolt Head Type Replaceable
Bolt Lock Rotating Bolt Head Operating Handle Reprocating Right Side Mounted Charging Handle
Operating Handle Material Steel Operating Handle Finish Polished Black
Bolt Hold Open Empty Magazine, Trigger Group Integrated Right Side Manually Actuated Lever Bolt Release Front Receiver Mounted Oversized Button
Trigger Guard Type Trigger Group Integrated Trigger Guard Material Synthetic
Trigger Guard Finish Black Trigger Guard Engraving None
Magazine Release Type N/A Magazine Release Position N/A
Magazine Cutoff None Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism Threaded Magazine Cap


Stock Type Pistol Grip Full Size, Stock Weight Supplied Stock Fit Franchi Affinity
Stock Material Synthetic Stock Finish Realtree Max-5
Buttpad Soft Synthetic TSA Recoil Pad Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) 14.375; 365.125 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) 14.375; 365.125
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) 14.375; 365.125 Adjustable Comb 4 Supplied Shims
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) 1.5; 3.81 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) ~2; 5
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) 2; 5.08 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) 2.5; 6.35
Adjustable Cast 4 Supplied Shims Adjustable Pitch 4 Supplied Shims


Forend Type Mounted to Receiver and Barrel Forend Fit Franchi Affinity
Forend Material Synthetic Forend Finish Realtree Max-5


Barrel Length (mm) 711.2 Caliber Marking 12 GA
Chamber Size (mm) 89 Steel Shot Rating CIP S
Barrel Profile Ventilated Rib Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Finish Realtree Max-5 Chamber Finish Chrome Lined
Rifling None Twist Rate N/A
Chokes Pre-installed M; Supplied F, IC Choke Thread Beretta/Benelli Mobil

Additional Information:

Evolved Ergonom-X

Franchi researched the five most common shooting positions to create an ergonomic stock offering optimal comfort and efficiency in each of them. Raised curves and crisp checkering work together to deliver a firm grip and steady aim in any weather.

Inertial Driven

The Inertia Driven system employed in the Franchi Affinity 3 and 3.5, affords these shotguns a lighter, slimmer profile for better handling. With no heavy gas cylinder under the forend, Franchi Inertia Driven shotguns balance and swing like a fine gun should.

Omni Stock Adjustable Fit

Stock drop and cast adjustability for a truly optimized shooting experience.

TSA Recoil Pad

A revolutionary design proven to reduce felt recoil up to 50 percent and make shooting more enjoyable. It also reduces flinching, which improves accuracy and allows for faster follow-up shots. Rounded edges minimize chances of snagging on clothing when the gun is raised to shooting position.

Item Number 41100
Part Number A0481300


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Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 93 × 23.5 × 7.5 cm





12 Gauge

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