Frankford Arsenal Hinge Top Ammo Box #511 50 Round Capacity


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The Frankford Arsenal® Hinge-Top Ammo Box® is made with a high-density polymer material offering unmatched protection for your ammo. Give your ammunition the protection it deserves.

Compatible With The Following Ammo Calibers:

6.55 Remington Mag
270 Weatherby Mag
7mm Remington Mag
77 Remington Ultra Mag
Short Ultra Mag
300 H&H Mag
300 Winchester Mag
300 Ultra Mag
Short Ultra Mag
300 Weatherby Mag
8mm Remington Mag
338 Winchester Mag
338 Lapua Mag
340 Weatherby Mag
340 Weatherby Mag
338 Rem Ultra Mag
375 H&H Mag
375 Rem Ultra Mag
378 Weatherby Mag
404 Jeffery
416 Taylor
416 Rigby
45-90 WCF
45-100 Sharps
458 Winchester Mag



Frankford Arsenal

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