Harris S Series Swivel Bipod 6-9″ Stud Mount Self-Leveling Legs



  • Extends from 6” to 9”
  • Swivels (tilts) to compensate for uneven terrain
  • Quick Deploy spring loaded with self-leveling legs
  • Attaches to the Sling Swivel Stud
  • Ultralight weight – 14 oz
  • Has a built-in sling swivel stud to attach the sling
  • Most useful for shooting off the bench
  • 100% Made in the USA.


Body Material Heat Treated Steel, Hard Alloys
Leg Material Heat Treated Steel, Hard Alloys
Leg Caps Hard Rubber
Finish Anodized Black

Additional Information:

Self-Leveling Legs

  • Allows the shooter to quickly set up on uneven surfaces and adjust the leg height without leaving their position. Self-leveling legs are available on the BR (6-9 inch) and L (9-13 inch) bipod models. Self-leveling legs allow numerous height adjustments and just takes a simple twist of the locking mechanism to keep it in position. In order to keep the legs fully retracted or ejected the locking mechanism must be tightened. The bipod stows conveniently out of the way when not in use, folding toward the muzzle. Stowed legs are kept firmly in place by sturdy spring returns.



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