Hornady Superformance International 300Win Mag 165Gr GMX 20 Round Box


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Hornady® has been at the cutting edge of ammunition technology for over six decades. Each year our engineers strive to introduce more revolutionary products. In 2010, our pursuit of excellence brought us the technology behind Superformance® ammunition. By blending propellants and manipulating burn rates, we have been able to obtain speeds that until now were unachievable in conventional centerfire rifle cartridges.

Superformance® International addresses the needs and demands of the global hunter. In keeping with our tradition of innovation, Superformance® International is loaded with the latest GMX® bullets and chambered in the most popular European calibers. Consider it the new Gold Standard for classic rifles and other timeless firearms found in Europe and all over the world.


Proven Hornady® Bullets

  • Superformance® International ammunition is loaded with Hornady® GMX® bullets for the ultimate in performance, no matter what the game.

Progressive Hornady® Powders

  • Superformance® Propellants are the heart of Superformance® International ammunition and usher in a new era of performance.

Case and Primer

  • Like all Hornady® ammunition, our Superformance® International rounds use the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the field.



Sectional Density 0.248
Ballistics Coefficient 0.447 (G1)

Ballistics:Test Barrel: 24″

Velocity (m/sec) Energy (Joules) Trajectory (cm)
Muzzle 994 5282 -5
50 Meters 957 4896 -1.2
100 Meters 921 4531 0
150 Meters 885 4187 -1.7
200 Meters 850 3864 -6.6
250 Meters 816 3559 -14.9
300 Meters 782 3272 -26.8




300 Win Mag



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