Hornady Superformance Varmint 223Rem 35Gr NTX 20 Round Box


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Superformance® Varmint ammunition delivers muzzle velocity increases of 100 to 200 feet per second from EVERY gun. Accuracy, increased range, flatter trajectory, less wind drift and devastating terminal results are all realized with Superformance® Varmint ammunition.

Product Features

FAST: Superformance® Varmint is 100 to 200 fps FASTER than ANY conventional ammunition.

ACCURATE: Achieve superior accuracy, increased range, flatter trajectory, less wind drift.

DEADLY: Polymer tipped NTX® bullets deliver match accuracy and rapid fragmentation.

VERSATILE: Optimal results are achieved in ALL firearms, including semi-autos.

Ballistics (24″ Test Barrel): 

Velocity (FPS) Energy (FT/LB) Trajectory (INCHES)
Muzzle 4000 1243 -1.5
100 Yards 3354 874 0.8
200 Yards 2795 607 0
300 Yards 2299 411 -5.3
400 Yards 1858 268 -7.3
500 Yards 1479 170 -39.6

Bullet Specs:

Sectional Density: .100
Ballistic Coefficient: .177(G1)


223 Remington



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