Kel-Tec KSG™ 12 Ga 3″ 18.5″ Barrel


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The one that started it all. The KSG was our first entry into the 12ga shotgun market, so naturally we had to completely redefine it by setting a new standard in both magazine capacity and overall length. Here’s the short and not-so-long of it: Legal in all 50 states, the KSG holds 6+6+1 (or 7+7+1 depending on shell length) in a 26.1” package. That’s not a typo- it holds a lot of ammo at just over two feet long. It comes standard with an 18.5″ barrel and Picatinny-style rails for mounting your favorite accessories on both the top and bottom.


  • Bullpup Design
    • You get extra capacity and standard velocity in a shotgun that measures from slightly shorter to drastically shorter in length than most tactical shotguns on the market. This is the advantage of the bullpup design that we love so much. We changed it up a bit though, our bullpup shotguns load and eject from the bottom and that’s how you spell ambidextrous.
  • Reliablility
    • For well over a hundred years, pump-action shotguns have stood the test of time because of their proven reliability. Eliminating variables such as gas systems is particularly important when dealing with the vast variety of shotgun loads on the market. Pump-action puts the reliability in the hands of the user.
  • Capacity
    • Short in appearance and feel, the KSG hides its stout capacity and versatility very well. Boasting not one, but two magazine tubes that hold an incredible amount of shells, this pump-action 12ga gives you lots of options. The manual selector lever allows for either the world’s fastest reload, or ammunition change on the fly.


Action Pump Ejection Downward
Buttstock Polymer Buttpad Rubber
Length of Pull (in; mm) 13; 330 Comb Fixed
Drop at Heel Fixed Drop at Comb Fixed
Width of Stock (in; mm) 2.1; 54 Grip Modern Pistol
Width of Grip (in; mm) 1.2; 30 Trigger Pull (lbs; kg) 5; 22
Magazine Fixed Tubular (x2) Magazine Capactiy (2.75″; 3″ Shells) 7; 6
Forend Polymer Pump Travel (in; mm) 4.1; 104
Width of Forend (in; mm) 2.1; 54 Optic Interface Pre-installed Picatinny Rail
Rear Sight None Front Sight None
Barrel Length (mm) 470 Chamber Size (mm) 76
Choke Fixed Cylinder Bore Choke Family N/A
Overall Length (in; mm) 26.1; 663 Total Width (in; mm) 2.2; 56
Total Height (in; mm) 8.0; 204 Weight Unloaded (lbs; kg) 6.9; 3.1
Accessory Interface Sling Slot Buttstock; Picatinny Forend

Additional Information:

In 2011, we introduced the KSG and completely changed the world of tactical, pump-action shotguns. Pick your favorite variant or collect them all… we won’t blame you. All of our shotguns are chambered for 3″ shells and fire a wide variety of projectiles. The dual tubes feature a selector switch that we affectionately call, the world’s fastest reload. We should also mention that they’re all downward-ejecting and completely ambidextrous.

*Note:  Red Dot Sight is shown for demo purposes and is not included.

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Dimensions 77.4 × 26.8 × 9.7 cm

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