Kent Cartridge Fasteel® 2.0 Precision Plated Steel™ 12 Ga 3″ 1 1/8oz #2 1560FPS 25 Round Box


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We took our original Fasteel and made it even better by loading it with top quality components to help resist corrosion while maintaining maximum on-target performance. The foundation of Fasteel 2.0 begins with a high-performance base wad to optimize functioning in today’s most popular semi-automatic firearms, allowing for fast follow-up shots and ensuring consistent reliability.

The addition of precision ground zinc-plated steel shot and nickel-plated heads provide added corrosion protection from the elements while maintaining superior patterns for better performance in all conditions. Our custom blended powders help manage felt recoil while reaching optimal velocities to keep you ahead of your game.


  • High Performance Base Wad designed to function reliably in semi-automatic firearms
    • Specifically designed to regulate head expansion and optimize cycling in semi-auto firearms.
  • All Weather Performance
  • Optimal Velocities for consistent patterns
  • Precision Plated Steel provides superior patterns and corrosion resistance
    • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance; uniform sizes for consistent patterns and penetration.
  • Nickel Head resists corrosion
    • Nickel plated to ensure smooth, reliable ejection while adding corrosion resistance.
  • CX2000 Primer for ultra-reliable ignition
    • The most reliable primer available, used throughout our shotshell line up to give shooters the utmost in consistent performance.
  • Double Base Powder
    • Cutting edge custom double base powders that allow Kent to develop high performance loads, delivering maximum velocities without excessive recoil. Proven performance throughout temperature extremes.
  • HD Hull
    • High-Density polymer hull specifically designed to deliver easy loading and smooth ejection in high-performance loads.
  • Ultimate Perfomance
    • Simply the cutting edge of shotshell performance.



Shot Type Steel
Payload Pellets 141
Density (g/cc) 7.9
Shell Type Nickel Plated Hi-Brass


Velocity (fps):


Additional Information:

Product Code K123FS32-2
Distributor Product Code K123FS322


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12 Gauge Steel



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