Lapua Signum 22 LR 40Gr SLRN 951FPS 50 Round Box


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Lapua Signum rimfire ammunition features a unique bullet design that has better lubricity, ultimately increasing the overall velocity of the round.

The Lapua Signum is the first .22 caliber cartridge that can offer the shooter similar additional properties as those that have been obtained with the coated bullets of centerfire calibers.

The cartridge’s lubricant decreases the friction caused by the bullet to the rifling, especially at the initial phase of the shot. The 2.59 g (40 gr) bullet also rotates evenly through the rifling and its tail remains symmetric.

Best of all, Lapua Signum ’s superior internal ballistics ensures that the external ballistic properties of the bullet can be retained without compromising quality.


  • bullet tip with specially designed, symmetrical lubrication grooves
  • longitudinal and crosswise grooves for even lubrication of the inside wall of the barrel
  • about 50 %more lubricant than conventional lead bullets
  • longer active lubrication area works as early as the barrel throat
  • optimal lubrication diminishes temperature and humidity effects of surrounding air



Bullet Type Signum Lead Round Nose

Ballistics (150mm Test Barrel):

Velocity (m/s):

Muzzle 10m 50m 100m
290 286 271 254

Energy (J):

Muzzle 10m 50m 100m
109 106 95 84

Crosswind Drift (mm; 4 m/s wind):

Muzzle 10m 50m 100m
0 1 25 98

Trajectory (mm; 25m Zero):

10m 50m 100m
-3 -58 -432

Trajectory (mm; 50m Zero):

10m 50m 100m
9 0 -315

Trajectory (mm; 75m Zero):

10m 50m 100m
24 75 -164

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22 LR

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