Lee Precision Deluxe Pistol 4-Die Set 40 S&W/10mm Auto


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Lee handgun dies feature a carbide sizing die, which issimply the best way to resize straight walled handgun cartridges.  The Deluxe Pistol 4 die sets are configured for loading mixed range brass.  The Deluxe Set includes the Carbide Factory crimp die.  This die allows you to separate bullet seating from the crimping operation.  It makes setup much easier and the die has the added feature of a carbide resizer that does a finishing sizing pass on the completed round.  This final sizing guarantees that any case that passes through the die will freely and reliably chamber in any gun.  This set includes the Carbide Full Length Sizing Die, Bullet Seating Die, Powder Thru Expanding Die, Carbide Factory Crimp Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data for the 40 S&W and 10mm Auto.


  • Carbide Full Length Sizing Die
    • All Lee straight walled pistol dies have tungsten carbide sizer rings.  Carbide is so hard that it can only be ground and polished with diamond wheels.
    • This hard diamond polished surface eliminates the need for case lubrication—
      they never wear out.  Exclusive contour grind sizes closer to the rim than any other brand.
    • The collet held decapper is nearly unbreakable even if misadjusted or
      depriming crimped military cases.
    • The decapper clamp collet accurately centers the decapper in the die.  Should you over stress it for any reason, it harmlessly slides up without breaking.  Easily reset with no limit to the times it can be reset.
  • Powder Through Expanding Die
    • Only Lee Dies permit charging the case while expanding the case mouth.
  • Bullet Seat and Feed Die
    • Universal free floating seating plug works with nearly any point style bullet.  No need to change seater plugs for different nose types.  Finger adjustable seating depth eliminates fumbling with pliers, lock nuts and screwdrivers to make simple seating depth adjustment.
  • Carbide Factory Crimp Die
    • Carbide ring in base resizes any portion of case that exceeds factory new dimensions.  Floating crimp ring is finger adjustable to provide the perfect crimp.
  • Hardened Steel Shell Holder
  • Powder Measure
  • Charge Table


Loading Press Compatibility 7/8 – 14 Threads Supplied Dies Carbide Full Length Sizing, Powder Through Expanding, Bullet Seating, Carbide Factory Crimp Die
Caliber 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, 41 AE Die Material Steel
Supplied Accessories Shell Holder, Powder Dipper

Additional Information:

Note:  Provided shellholder and powder dipper will be appropriate for this caliber.

Note (2): When loading 10mm Auto, back out the bullet seating die and powder through expanding die 1 3/4 turns.

Note (3):  Can also be used to reload the 41 Action Express. The powder through expander and bullet seating die would have to be backed out approximately two turns. The load data included with the dies can not be used with the 41 Action Express, it would have to be obtained through one of your favorite powder manufacturers.

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Lee Precision


10mm Auto, 40 S&W, 41 AE

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