Lee Precision Pacesetter 3-Die Set 6mm Creedmoor


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Lee PaceSetter 3-Die sets include the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp™ Die to produce factory-like ammunition with improved utility and accuracy.  The die set also includes an easy adjust dead length bullet seater, shell holder, powder dipper, load data—and all are packed in the nicest storage box ever designed.  This set prepared for reloading mixed range brass.


  • Factory Crimp Die
    • No crimp groove required, even with jacketed bullets
  • Full Length Sizing Die
  • Built in Stuck Case Remover
  • Resizing Lubricant Packet
  • Easy X Expander
    • Collet type decapper clamp holds Easy X Expander perfectly centered in the die.  Allows decapper to slide harmlessly up preventing decapper breakage if an obstruction is encountered
    • Sturdy shank so strong you can drive out a stuck case without damage
    • Long guided neck expansion area located to begin expanding as soon as the neck leaves the die near the presses’ maximum mechanical advantage
    • Tapered area expands sub calibers when case forming,  Quickly and effortlessly reforms dented or squashed necks
    • Super strong integral decapper is almost unbreakable
  • Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seating Die
  • Factory Crimp Die
  • Shell Holder
  • Powder Dipper
  • Load Data and Instructions


Loading Press Compatibility 7/8 – 14 Threads Supplied Dies Full Length Sizing, Bullet Seating, Factory Crimp
Caliber 6mm Creedmoor Die Material Steel
Supplied Accessories Shell Holder, Powder Dipper, Resizing Lubricant Packet

Additional Information:

Note:  Provided shellholder and powder dipper will be appropriate for this caliber.

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Lee Precision


6mm Creedmoor

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