Norma® Kalahari 300 Win Mag 155Gr NPCBTHP 20 Round Box


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Two of the most challenging environments to hint in are the open range and mountains where long shots are common.  The unique bullet design of the Kalahari sets the new standard.  It is loaded with selected lots of powder to ensure the highest possible velocity within safe pressures to give the flattest trajectory attainable.  It also gives the best possible ballistic coefficient and lowest wind drift achievable.  Bullet expansion is controlled and restricted – maximum wounding effect and guaranteeing deep penetration.


  • High-performance bullet & powder combinations
  • Optimum powder charges for maximum ballistic performance
  • Cases are precision manufactured for superior accuracy
  • Precision inspected to insure proper bullet seating & primer pocket alignment



Bullet Style Nickel Plated Copper Boat Tail Hollow Point
Cartridge Case Brass
Case Headstamp norma 300WINMAG

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Manufacturer’s SKU 20174902


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300 Win Mag



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