Norma® Superpointstrike .177 Cal 8.2Gr PN Pellets 300 Count Tin


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Superpointstrike has 70% more penetration than standard pellets, perfect combination for hunting or pest control.

We are best of the class when it comes to producing the highest quality pellets for competitive shooting. Most Olympic medals and world championships are won with pellets developed under our Roof. When it comes to sports shooting, we have the competence and knowledge to fulfill all of the requirements needed to achieve gold.

World-class performance achieved through dedication and specialization

We are the elite of pellet manufacturers with one of our production facilities being fully dedicated to the production of our top-notch airgun pellets. Lean manufacturing processes paired with high end production systems, (molds, toolings and regular inspections) result in world class performance at a high cost efficiency which we gladly pass on to our loyal customers.

Superior knock-down power and excellent penetration with unmatched versatility

Versatile in nature and precise by design, our Norma airgun pellet series has the right product for every airgun user. Understanding the new trends and fields of application together with cutting-edge technologies, Norma has created a lineup to fit a broad range of purposes for outstanding results in every field.


Projectile Type Pointed Nose
Caliber (mm) 4.5
Weight (g) 0.53

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Product Number 2411405


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