NormaUSA® Subsonic-22 22 LR 40Gr LHP 50 Round Box


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Norma is proud to present a new line of rimfire cartridges for sport shooters that will satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers. We offer the highest quality levels and performance rates you can ask for and our rimfire line follows the toughest manufacturing controls of the industry.

With our own manufacturing process we control every step in the production line in order to ensure that every batch meets our high standards.

We are proud to present our new line of .22 LR. Our rimfire cartridges are produced to execute perfectly in every category. No matter if you are competing, training or shooting different kind of targets with a semi-auto, single action or repeating rifle, our Norma rimfire ammo will always deliver according to your needs.



Bullet Type Lead Hollow Point


Velocity (f/s):

Muzzle 50 Y 100 Y
1033 935 866

Energy (ft-lb):

Muzzle 50 Y 100 Y
95 78 65

Additional Information:

Product Number 2400065


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22 LR



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