Pachmayr® Competition Aluminum Speedloader for S&W L Frame 6-Shot Revolvers


Pachmayr’s new revolver Speedloaders will set the standard for quality and performance. Unlike competitive models which are made of plastic, Pachmayr’s Speedloaders are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum. The Speedloader bodies are cut in a polygon shape which produces the smallest possible outside dimensions and allows them to easily fit compact revolvers. The Speedloaders are also equipped with a rattle eliminating o-ring which contacts the cartridge bases and firmly holds the rounds in place. Cartridges are released with a simple twist of the large knurled knob.


  • CNC machined from solid aluminum
  • Polygon shape for the smallest outside dimensions
  • Cartridges are held firmly with no rattle
  • Simple twist knob cartridge release


Capacity 6
Compatibility S&W 586, 581, 681
Ruger GP100
Colt Python

Additional Information:

Company Statement on Pachmayr Aluminum Competition Speedloaders

Pachmayr has had several questions regarding the direction in which the speedloader knob is turned in order to release the cartridges.  This has come up because some competitor’s plastic speedloaders release when turned to the right, while ours release when turned to the left.  When our engineers (who are all experienced shooters) designed our speedloader, they spent quite a bit of time reviewing other available speedloaders and tried to improve upon them.  One item that was identified as an improvement was to make the cartridges release when turning to the left.  We believe that this gives the user several solid advantages.  First, since cylinders swing out to the left, turning the release knob to the left helps keep the cylinder fully open when reloading.  Second, turning to the left naturally tends to move them against the revolver.  Also, as the cartridges are released, turning to the left allows a natural follow-through motion to pull the speedloader away from the revolver.  And finally, there is the mechanical inclination to tighten turning tho the right and loosen turn to the left, just like a bolt or a bottle cap.

We hope this helps clear up any confusion and we certainly believe that once you use our speedloader, you will appreciate their superior design and construction.

Manufacturer SKU 02654


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