Poly Technologies Type 81SA SE OR 7.62×39 18.7″ Barrel


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Introducing the all-new Type 81 Semi Auto Special Edition Optics Ready. Featuring a dark red wood finish and the same Mil-Spec Phosphate finish used by current military production rifles. The Phosphate finish offers superior corrosion and scratch resistance to standard blued finish. The Optics Ready Edition comes factory installed with threaded pins and right-hand safety to mount either the Picatinny Side Mount or Kobra Sight.

Comes with two 5/30 magazines. All parts and components are brand new production, not surplus. Non-restricted class.


Action Semi-auto Method of Operation Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt
Buttstock Fixed Length of Pull Fixed
Comb Fixed Magazine Detachable Box
Capacity 5 Number of Magazines 2
Forend Interface Left Side Sling Swivel Optic Interface Side Mount Ready
Rear Sight Elevation Adjustable Hooded Patridge Front Sight Elevation Adjustable Hooded Post
Barrel Length 475 Wood Colour Dark Red
Metal Finish Phosphate

Additional Information:

The Type 81 is a gas operated, magazine fed, semi-automatic rifle. It uses a short-stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and a two-position gas regulator. The bolt group (of the rotating bolt type) is borrowed from the Type 63 rifle. Type 81 rifles also retains the Type 63 bolt hold-open device, which catches the bolt in the open position after the last round has been fired from magazine. The fire selector – safety switch is located at the right side of the receiver, just above the pistol grip, and can be easily operated. The open sights are marked from 100 to 500 meters, with the front sight being mounted just ahead of the gas block.

Developed by the Chinese military as a replacement for their Type 56 rifles (license produced AK-47). the Type 81 was designed to have a longer service life, higher accuracy, improved durability and better controllability in full automatic firing. The Type 81 is used by multiple military and police forces across the globe.

In practice the Type 81 is well balanced and points easily. The rifle is incredibly flat shooting, comparable to a 5.56×45 in felt recoil and muzzle rise. Reliability is astounding, with to date not a single rifle coming back for failures. Lightweight and ergonomic, an asset to any shooter’s collection.

Style Number T81 SE OR Fixed


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