Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty™ Muzzle Brake 7.62/.308 Cal Black


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The M11 Severe-Duty™ Muzzle Brake Delivers Superior Recoil Reduction With Minimal Dust Signature.

A massive symmetrical blast baffle, combined with two compensated front baffles, redirect gas to the sides and upward delivering unparalleled recoil reduction while also minimizing muzzle rise and ground disturbance. High tolerance class-3 threads machined in same operation as bore aperture ensures perfect concentricity; this combined with a progressively decreasing baffle thickness minimizes bullet flight disturbance resulting in less yaw, higher BC, and improved accuracy. Computer FEA optimized for maximum strength to weight ratio and impact survivability. Precision CNC machined from high strength HTSR 400-series stainless steel bar for superior heat and corrosion resistance. Wrench flats on top and bottom for easy muzzle brake installation and removal. Available in either an ultra wear resistant DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) matte black finish, or stainless steel in-the-white, matte finish.

This muzzle brake is designed to fit 5/8-24 threaded barrels.


  • Massive blast baffle delivers superior recoil reduction of over 60%
  • Closed bottom reduces dust and dirt signature when shooting traditional prone



Recoil Reduction (%) 61 Backblast Zone (degrees) 20
Gas Blowback at Shooter’s Position Low Concusiveness Low
Muzzle Flash Increase Moderate Accuracy Features Excellent

*Recoil reduction based on measurement on high precision recoil pendulum from a 16″ barrel using 147Gr FMJ .308 Winchester


User Tunable No Field Removable No
Ease of Cleaning Excellent


Thread Size 5/8×24 Bore Clearance (in) 0.32
Material HTSR 416 Stainless Steel Bar, HRC 26 – 32 Finish Matte Black DLC
Max Baffle Angle (Degrees) 0 Diameter at Barrel (in) 0.85
Length (in) 2.275 Width (in) 1.375
Height (in) 1.188 Weight (oz) 5.6

Additional Information:

I don’t see my caliber listed, which one do I select?

When selecting a caliber for one of our muzzle devices, the correct choice is based on your cartridge’s actual bullet diameter. For example; if you have a .300 Win Mag, you would select a 7.62/.308 muzzle device. This is because the bullet for that cartridge is a .308″ diameter.

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