RCBS® .45-70Gov’t 3-Die Steel Roll Crimp Set


RCBS 3 Die Roll Crimp Set for popular straight wall rifle cartridges. The die set features a steel Sizer Die, Expander Die and Roll Crimp Seat Die. The cases must be lubricated for use with the steel Sizer Die. The expander Die expands the case to the proper diameter to accept the bullet. The Seat Die seats the bullet in the cartridge case and ‘roll’ crimps the case to eliminate movement during recoil.


  • Features a hardened steel Sizer Die (case lubrication required)
  • Expander Die to properly expand case to accept bullets
  • Roll Crimp Seat Die to crimp case to bullet to eliminate bullet movement
  • Comes in a Green Box
  • All RCBS dies are machined to exacting tolerances, hardened and finished to the highest standards in the industry



45-70 Govt



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