Remington® Sportsman® Hi-Speed® Steel 12 Ga 3″ 1 1/8oz BB Steel 1550 FPS 25 Round Box


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All the dependability and performance you’d expect from Remington ammunition without breaking the bank. Sportsman® Hi-Speed® Steel’s sealed primer, high quality steel shot, and consistent muzzle velocities combine to provide reliability in adverse weather, while delivering exceptional pattern density and retained energy. An economical, high-speed steel load that’s ideal for short-range high-volume shooting during early duck seasons, or over decoys. Sportsman® Steel works equally well in upland situations that require the use of non-toxic shotshells.



Shell Size (mm) 76
Shot Material Steel
Shot Density (g/cm3) 8
Pellet Count ~81
Pellet Diameter (in; mm) 0.18; 4.57
Wad Standard
Cartridge Hull Plastic
Crimp Type Star
Head Composition Brass
Head Type High Brass


Velocity (fps):


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Part Number 20973
Index Number SSTHV12HB


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12 Gauge Steel



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