RIO Ammo Royal BlueSteel™ Super Magnum 12 Ga 3 1/2″ 1 9/16oz #1 1300FPS 25 Round Box


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Wetland hunting presents a variety of challenges. Altitude, more difficult game recoveries and the heightened need for environmental responsibility. Magnum waterfowl loads can address many, if not most, of these issue by hitting game more quickly, insuring a clean take rather than an injury, and by deploying non-toxic payloads. RIO’s Royal BlueSteel Super Magnum checks all of these boxes.

Royal BlueSteel Super Magnum is a lead-free hunting cartridges with great knock-down power, incorporating perfectly spherical steel shot for excellent patterning, and with incredibly high velocities. When all is said and done, Royal BlueSteel Super Magnum is a hunting cartridge perfect for the hard conditions encountered during wetland hunts.



Closed Shell Height (mm) 74
Shot Material Steel
Head 16mm High Brass
Headstamp RIO AMMO 12 GA
Dram Equivalent MAX
Max Pressure (bar) 1050
Crimp Type 6 Point
Wad Steel Plastic Wad
Powder Smokeless Simple Base
Open Shell Height (mm) 86


Velocity (fps):


Additional Information:

*Note:  Shotshells may not look exactly as shown

Manufacturer Stock Number RBSSM441
Distributor Product Code 260-RBSSM441


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12 Gauge Steel


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