Safariland® 6005-12 Leg Holster Mounted Tubular Shotgun Speed Loader Holder

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The Safariland 6005-12 Shotgun Speedloader Holder is designed to hold multiple tube style shotgun speed loaders utilizing the Safariland 6005 interface.  This allows an operator easy access to their speed loaders when reloading their shotguns.  An added bonus is the interface’s modularity:  The Speed Loader holder can be removed and replaced with various Safariland 6005 tactical holsters, creating muscle memory on where the operator can grab their equipment.


Type Leg Holster Attaching Interface Belt Loop, Safariland ELS 35 Locking Receiver Plate
Attaching Interface Type Double Strap, Safariland ELS 34 Fork Attaching Interface Material Nylon, SafariLaminate
Quick Release ELS Attachment Interface Provided Safariland 6004/6005
Attachment Interface Material SafariLaminate Attached Item Shotgun Speed Loader Holder
Attached Item Compatiblity Tubular Shotshell Speed Loaders Attached Item Material SafariLaminate
Attached Item Locking Mechanism Molded Clamps, Pockets

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Manufacturer SKU 6005-12-2


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