Springfield Armory/Italian Surplus M1 Garand 7.62-2 (Tipo 2) 7.62x51mm 23.5″ Barrel Good Condition


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After World War II, Italy had allied itself with the US and joined NATO.  As such, the Americans provided them with surplus firearms, including M1 Garands in 30-06 Springfield, to help arm their new Italian allies while they produced more rifles for themselves.  As such, Italian M1 Garands may contain parts produced by various US manufacturers. When NATO decided to adopt the 7.62x51mm cartridge as a standard for allied militaries, Italy decided to modify their existing M1 Garands for the new cartridge while they work on developing a more modern rifle in the newly adopted caliber.  Ultimately, Italy further retrofit their M1 Garands into the BM-59, which takes a detachable box magazine.

The Italians modified the M1 Garand for the shorter 7.62x51mm cartridge by producing slightly shorter barrels and by adding an extended feed ramp in the receiver.  Other than that, these M1 Garands are within USGI specs and interchange with many US parts.


  • Guaranteed Springfield Armory Receivers

Additional Information:

Note: These firearms are in surplus condition.  As such, their may be finish wear, minor rusting or pitting of metal, scratches or dings on the stock and forend, among other things.



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