Surplus Lee-Enfield No. 4 MKI 303 Brit 25.2″ Barrel


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The Lee-Enfield was a re-design from the British adopted Lee-Metford rifle, primarily addressing issues of barrel wear seen on the Lee-Metford when Britain adopted the smokeless powder 303 British cartridge from the black powder cartridge they were using.  Featuring many advanced features which are still relevant in today’s small arms, the Lee-Enfield was used as the standard issue rifle for members of British Empire until the adoption of 7.62x51mm NATO forced nearly all these nations to adopt variations of the FN FAL.

The No. 4 MKI was adopted by Britain during World War II, as a simplification of the No. 1 MKIII* with some improvements.  These rifles feature a heavier profile barrel and a longer sight plane due to the rear sight being moved to the rear of the receiver instead of the barrel.


  • Refurbished
  • Comes with 1 fitted detachable magazine


Action Bolt Handedness Right
Stock Wood Buttpad Metal
LOP Fixed Cheekpiece No
Grip Traditional Pistol Supply Type Detachable Magazine
Magazine Capacity 10 Forend Wood w/ Barrel Band
Forend Cap Metal Safety 2-Position Receiver Mounted
Optic Interface None Rear Sight Fully Adjustable Peep
Front Sight Fully Adjustable Blade Muzzle Device None
Threaded No Accessory Interface Sling Swivel Buttstock, Barrel Band, Forend Cap

Additional Information:

Note:  These firearms are in surplus condition.  While refurbished, stocks may be pitted, paint may be discoloured or faded, and metal may have minor rusting or pitting.  Small, non-vital components may also be missing or not exactly as shown.

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303 British




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