Surplus Siminov SKS-45 Laminated 7.62×39 20″ Barrel


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Adopted by the Soviets in 1945, the SKS was seen as a way to give infantryman a less cumbersome, less capacity restrictive option to the heavier, longer Mosin-Nagant without the range limitations of a sub-machinegunner.  Chambered in the intermediate 7.62x39mm M43 rifle cartridge,  the infantryman could carry more of this ammo than the 7.62x54mmR.  This rifle was replaced afterward by the AK-47 family of rifles.

Note:  These firearms are in surplus condition.  While refurbished, stocks may be pitted, paint may be discoloured or faded, and metal may have minor rusting or pitting.  Accessories provided may not be as shown.


  • Refurbished
  • Comes with 3 stripper clips, cleaning kit, oil bottle

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