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Toward the end World War 2, the Soviet Union was looking to create small arms revolving around the use of the newly developed 7.62x39mm M43 cartridge, which has more range than 9x19mm without the heavier recoil of the 7.62x54R.  The SKS-45 was the first rifle successfully adopted by the soviets using the cartridge.  At the time, the SKS was a lighter and less cumbersome rifle than the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 or SVT-40 while having more effective range than the PPS-43 or PPSh-41 submachine guns, making it a relatively all purpose firearm.  Unfortunately, it didn’t remain in service for long as the full auto AK-47 was developed shortly after, making it obsolete as the SKS was a purpose built semi-auto rifle.



Canada Legal Classification Non-Restricted Action Semi-auto
Handedness Right Optic Interface None
Rear Sight Elevation Adjustable Notch Front Sight Fully Adjustable Post
Default Sight Radius (in; cm) ~18.9; 48 Grip Type Stock Integrated Semi-Pistol Grip
Pistol Grip Cap N/A Trigger Type Non-Adjustable
Trigger Material Steel Trigger Compatibility Siminov SKS-45, CSA Type 56, Yugoslav M59, Romanian M56, AUMG SKS, EG Karabiner-S
Min Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~4.5; 20.0 Max Trigger Pull (lbs; N) ~4.5; 20.0
Observed Trigger Pull (lbs) ~4.5 Safety 2-Position Lever
Manual Safety Position Right of Trigger Magazine Interface Double Stack Double Feed Fixed Boxed Flush
Magazine Compatibility Siminov SKS-45, CSA Type 56, Zastava M59 PAP, Cugir M56, UM GRAMSH SKS, EG Karabiner-S Magazine Capacity 5
Default Length (in; mm) ~40.5; 1020 Min Length (in; mm) ~40.5; 1020
Max Length (in; mm) ~40.5; 1020 Min Width (in; mm) ~2.6; 65
Max Width (in; mm) ~2.6; 65 Min Height (in; mm) ~6.7; 170
Max Height (in; mm) ~7.1; 180 Weight w/o Mag (lbs; kg) N/A
Weight w/ Empty Mag (lbs; kg) ~8; 3.7 Accessory Interfaces Sling Slot Buttstock, Left Side Gas Block; Bayonet Lug


Operating Mechanism Short Stroke Gas Piston, Tilting Bolt Action Size Standard
Receiver Type Siminov SKS-45 Lower Receiver Material Steel
Lower Receiver Finish Blued Upper Receiver Material Steel
Upper Receiver Finish Blued Stock Interfacing Mechanism Directly Bound to Receiver via Receiver, Trigger Group
Stock Interfacing Mechanism Material Steel, Steel Stock Interfacing Mechanism Finish Blued
Barrel Interfacing Mechanism Attached to Trunnion Barrel Securing Mechanism Threaded and Pinned into Trunnion
Barrel Securing Mechanism Material Metal Barrel Securing Mechanism Finish Blued
Recoil Lug (1) Stock Integrated Cross Bolt Recoil Lug Material Steel
Recoil Lug Finish Blued Feed Type Push
Ejection Receiver Mounted Fixed Ejector Ejection Direction Right
Bolt Type 2-Piece Bolt and Carrier Bolt Material Steel
Bolt Finish Polished Bolt Head Type Integral Part of Bolt
Bolt Lock Inner Receiver Rail Ridge Operating Handle Right Side Bolt Carrier Integrated Reprociating Textured Cylindrical Charging Handle
Operating Handle Material Steel Operating Handle Finish Polished
Bolt Hold Open Empty Magazine Bolt Release Charging Action w/o Empty Mag
Trigger Guard Type Integral Part of Trigger Group Trigger Guard Material Steel
Trigger Guard Finish Blued Trigger Guard Engraving (Serial Number)
Magazine Release Type Pull Lever Magazine Release Position Trigger Group, Centered, Behind Magazine, Slightly Protruding
Magazine Cutoff None Anti-Release Magazine Lock Mechanism None


Stock Type Semi-Pistol Grip Standard Size Stock Fit Siminov SKS-45, CSA Type 56, Zastava M59 PAP, Cugir M56, UM GRAMSH SKS, EG Karabiner-S
Stock Material Wood Stock Finish Oiled
Buttpad Metal Adjustable Length of Pull No
Default Length of Pull (in; cm) ~12.6; 32 Min Length of Pull (in; cm) ~12.6; 32
Max Length of Pull (in; cm) ~12.6; 32 Adjustable Comb No
Min Drop at Comb (in; cm) ~2; 5 Max Drop at Comb (in; cm) ~2; 5
Min Drop at Heel (in; cm) ~0.3; 5.5 Max Drop at Heel (in; cm) ~0.3; 5.5
Adjustable Cast No Adjustable Pitch No


Forend Type Stock Integrated Forend Fit Siminov SKS-45, CSA Type 56, Zastava M59 PAP, Cugir M56, UM GRAMSH SKS, EG Karabiner-S
Forend Material Wood Forend Finish Oiled w/ Finger Rest


Barrel Length (mm) 520.7 Caliber Marking None
Chamber Size Standard Pressure Rating Standard
Barrel Profile Sporter Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Finish Blued Chamber Finish Standard
Rifling 4 Groove Twist Rate Standard
Muzzle Device None Muzzle Thread N/A

Additional Information:

Note:  These firearms are in surplus condition.  While refurbished, stocks may be pitted, paint may be discoloured or faded, and metal may have minor rusting or pitting.

Product Code SKSRS-RIFLE
Style Number SKS-45


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